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Set research and development, manufacturing and sales of precision bearings and high-precision

Choose usThree reasons

Our Advantage Three reasons

Improve the scientific and technological

strength, advanced technology and equipment

Strong scientific and technological strength

After years of technical research and development, continuous improvement and repeated practice, the company's core products have reached the level of foreign similar products in terms of technical indicators and accuracy. The company's products are mainly suitable for high precision CNC turntable, indexing head, military radar, aviation, aerospace, industrial robots and measurement and test areas requiring high precision.

Advanced technology and equipment

The main products are YRT series turntable bearings with high precision and thin-walled cross roller bearings. The precision grades are P5, P4 and P2, and the size range is from 1 200 mm to 20 mm. YRT table bearings include YRT standard table bearings, YRTS high-speed table bearings, YRTM table bearings with angle measurement system, ZKLDF bi-directional thrust angular contact ball bearings; thin-walled cross roller bearings are SX, CRB, CRBC, CRBH series, RA, RB, RE, RU series, cross tapered roller bearings are XR, JXR series.

Improvement of Detection Means

Our employees have many years of industry experience, complete technical equipment and perfect testing methods. Experienced technical team and standardized management system are the strong guarantee of high precision and high quality of our products.


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all kinds of bearing products with high precision, high performance and high reliability.

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